Neal Trower and Trower Pump Service LLC, now is in business to handle a wide range of residential and commercial well, pumping, repair and installation services. If the name sounds familiar, Neal Trower, owner of Trower Pump Service, grew up in the business. From 1993-2008, his father serviced Stockton in the well drilling business.
Trower worked for his father, Richard Trower, for several years, 2001-08, and until his father died. Then the equipment was sold to a well-drilling operator in Utah.
Trower said he went with the equipment and worked in Utah for seven years. He then worked in the industry as a field supervisor and eventually managed a company on the west coast for one year, which was involved in drilling large diameter irrigation wells in California.
The years out west were enjoyable, but Trower talked with Don Smith of Don’s Pump Shop, and the talks led to a very friendly takeover back home in Stockton. According to Trower, it took some time, but when Smith was ready the deal was completed.
“Don and I made the transition in October,” Trower said.“Don had been in business since 1972 and was ready to retire. He had a well-established business.”

“It always had been our goal to come back to Stockton,” Trower said of his family.
Trower grew up in Stockton and graduated as a Stockton High School Tiger in 2001. His wife, Casey, grew up in Stockton before attending high school in Lamar. They have two children, Nealey and Chaney.
Trower does not have an established office, but is able to reach any customer with his truck and equipment.

To get in touch with him, call either 276-4360 or 276-1592.
Trower’s services are extensive, having been in the business on a full-time basis for more than 15 years. He can set up and install a new well and pumping system, he can handle the drilling of a new well, make repairs and whatever else may be needed. He also has established a Facebook  and website for those customers seeking more information about his business.







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